Monday, February 21, 2011

Computers...The Cause and Solution to All the Worlds Problems

Don't get me wrong, in this day and age everyone needs a computer. But to make a long story short this blog started last week and since my computer (HAL) has a mind of his own it will get continued today. Somehow it decided that last weeks post was finished. It published it and that was that. No Editing, No Previewing and no Comments from anyone. Well today I take control. MAYBE!! Unfortunately we only have a dial-up connection out here in the boonies and that may be the problem. Apparently Honeycutt Road is (to quote from one of my favorite movies "Oh Brother Where Art Thou"............. 2 weeks from everywhere!

Maggie and Rocky sleeping SHHHHH!
Charlie and friend
Bo, Maggie and Rocky
This truly is the Funny Farm. Almost a Noah's Ark. Everyone must get along together or else there would be complete chaos here.
Dogs must get along with the goats and the chickens; Chickens must get along with goats and dogs; and the goats must get along with everyone.

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