Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs, I Mean Goats Lie

Charlie and Rocky Milagro
Do I have the word Sucker somewhere on my forehead. First we (actually it was our 3 other dogs) found Maggie (Our Blue Tick Hound Wannabe) on the side of out house in the middle of the night. She was a scared little pup, probably not more than 2 months old. But she turned into one of our most loving dogs. A real love sponge. Then Charlie showed up on Monday! My husband named him Charlie, for his close resembalence  to Charlie Chaplin, on account of his moustache. We cant quite figure out what he is yet. Some kind of terrier mix. Hopefully small, like a Jack Russell. He was skin and bones when I first saw him and still has his baby teeth. I started him on dry food and poached eggs. Boy was he hungry! Only 4 days later and you can hardly see his ribs anymore. Where did you come from Charlie? So far all of the other dogs tolerate him. He does need some disciplining. Bocephus will set him straight. Uncle Bo. Bo is a lover not a fighter. Bo loves everyone. Goats, chickens. cats and especially Mr. Percy. (He is our 90-plus year old neighbor, who takes his daily walk down the road in front of our house). Bo just loves him! And he loves Bo too. But don't even try to come on the property if you are dressed as a UPS driver!

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