Monday, July 11, 2011

Farmgirl Sisterhood

I love to read about women in farming. Whether they are born into it or thrown into it by choice. One of my favorites is MaryJane Butters. Author of numerous books and magazines - (MaryJanes Farm).
MaryJane was a carpenter, waitress, janitor, wilderness ranger, entrepreneur and environmental activist. She has worn many hats and now is an inspiration for "farmgirls" of all persuasions. She says "Farmgirl is a condition of the Heart." So even if you don't own a tractor or will never plant corn, MaryJane encourages a simple, authentic, wholesome lifestyle.

Its Alive, Alive
Today I am making a sourdough starter.

I love bread, a real carboholic. Sourdough bread has that unique tangy taste that is missing from store bought loafs. Baking bread using a sourdough starter is better for you because the starter pulls in wild yeasts familiar and unique to your body from the air around you.

I started it with a whole wheat flour and added distilled water. Covered with a paper towel I will "grow" it everyday adding additional whole wheat flour and water until it is ready to use about a week from now. On the 7th day the starter will be ready. If all goes as planned it should be bubbly and smell pleasantly sour, like stout beer. It will be ready to make bread, biscuits, pancakes and more. Even if you can't use it every 7 days, you could get a friend hooked by giving them a cup of the starter.
Pass it on.

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