Monday, June 20, 2011

Is There ANYTHING Redeeming about Japanese Beetles?

I feel that there is a reason for everything!
Everything except Japanese Beetles.
The bane of my existence.
Yes, they may be pretty in an iridescent art nouveau kinda way. With their shiny blue green carapace and cute antennae. They seem innocent enough. But wait till they get hungry and attack your plants (in my case grapes and plum trees) in numbers that are hard to imagine.

Feeding on my grapes
In Japan (their birthplace) they are not as destructive because they are controlled by a natural predator. The United States does not have one. Yet! Brought to New Jersey, aboard an iris in the early 1900's. They have found refuge. No state is safe.
After a day of gorging
Waiting in the buffet line
According to the University of Kentucky the trick of attracting them to a beetle trap with pheromones is proving to attract more to your garden than it catches. They can fly far distances. And I swear mine come all the way from Asia to feast.
 But I have found something that is safe for the environment and immediate demise of those nasty beetles. CHICKENS. My chickens love them so much that they run and wait under the grapes.
 Shake a fully loaded branch or vine and open your mouth. Down the hatch.

Those beetles don't stand a chance.

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