Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Residents of The Funny Farm

Huey and husband James
What happened to my cute little balls of fluff?

My post lady told me to get ducks. Their eggs are so rich. Great for baking. And I do a lot of baking!

So when the nearest Tractor Supply had chickens and ducks for sale this Spring I just had to get some. My husband bought himself 6 White Leghorn chickens and I bought myself the cutest little yellow Pekin ducklings.

I named them Huey, Dewey and Luey!

They didn't stay little for long.

Apparently Pekin ducks grow quickly and are at market weight in about 8 weeks. (perish the thought). They grew, it seemed, before our eyes.

Enter Muscovy Ducks
For the past couple of years My husband and I have been involved with the local farmer's market in Dunn. North Carolina. I sell my all natural goat milk soaps and whatever heirloom vegetables we may be growing that year. This year it is cherry tomatoes. But that will have to wait for another post. Next to our tent at the market is a lovely couple, Marie Johnson and Dale Parker. They grow all kinds of vegetables and sell local honey from their bees. This year Marie had some of her Muscovy ducklings with her. There is no stopping me now. I bought 6.

Ducks in a row
Farmer Dale and Marie Johnson at the market

Muscovy Ducks (my mother thinks it sounds like a brand of wine from Trader Joe's) had been domesticated by various Native American cultures by the time Columbus arrived. The first few were brought to Europe by the European explorers at least by the 16th century.

If you're into alternative health treatments Oscillococcinum (thats a spelling bee challenge) is a homeopathic preparation made from Muscovy Ducks that is supposed to relieve influenza-like symptoms.
Adult drake
The Muscovy ducks are also quieter than my Pekins.

Which is a good thing!

Duck in training. Step away from the duck Mr. Fong

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