Saturday, January 29, 2011

Free Range House Chicken

Shaggy came to North Carolina by way of the Washington DC Humane Society. He is a Bantam Silky Rooster named by my niece Leyna. You see nobody really wants a rooster, since you only need one for your whole flock of hens, so my mom brought him down to THE FUNNY FARM. He was raised as a school science experiment. A single chicken egg should NEVER be hatched. Shaggy does not know he is a chicken. His feathering is kinda poor and he doesn't know how to perch like a regular roosting chicken. He hangs out with the goats and the dogs, has a sock fetish (later on that) but is terrified of the yard chickens. He high tails it whenever he spies one. But comes to you whenever you call his name. Since he freaked out when I tried to put him to roost with the other chickens at night, (I couldn't figure out why but now I understand) Shaggy sleeps inside. Not in the bedroom. He is spoiled though. He sleeps in his own bed in the "guest room". Lucky Duck. I mean Chicken.
Shaggy making the rounds of the farm

Just checking

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  1. Poor Chloe! Those babies already look like they are driving her crazy. She has that indifferent mom look they get when they just lay there and chew their cud, while their kids run around like maniacs and use them as a spring board.