Friday, January 28, 2011


Lottie's Baby Buckling
I knew that Lottie was pregnant but certainly not so far along. Yesterday was hoof trimming day. So, up went Lottie on the stand. I did notice that her udder was looking larger and very tight. All my girls came into heat at about the same time, so I figured that they would kid at about the same time. Just not this close together. When I went to close everyone in for the night, there was Lottie in full-blown labor with little kid hoofs in plain site. I hustled her into the shed and within 1 hour another bouncing baby buck was born. He has the longest ears of any of the new babies. That is not a very flattering pic of him but he is ADORABLE!!

Carmela just loves all the new babies.
Carmela and Fiona on the "Stairway to Heaven"

Play, Play, Play, all day long. But where is Zoe?

Taking a break from all that playing

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