Thursday, January 27, 2011

Growing by Leaps and Bounds

A good shepherd knows her flock. I knew something was up last night when I went to lock up everyone. Mary just seemed uneasy as I shined the flashlight on her.

This morning she had TRIPLETS!! Two does and a buck. Unfortunately one of the does had died. The other two are perfectly healthy. Mary is quite a good momma.

This pic shows Mary and Baby Buck. I'm not sure what his name will be yet. Sometimes I think it is not a good idea to name my bucks since we don't hang on to them. I hate to say goodbye
The second photo is Mary's baby doeling. I know her name will be Frosty. She is very pretty. And a welcome addition to the herd.

Mary and the babies are doing fine. All the new babies (that makes 4 new ones in 1 week) are wearing their new goat coats. I can just imagine what the neighboring farmers are saying about me now!!

That Damn Yankee

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