Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Year at The Funny Farm

Well, we started off the new year with at least the right foot. 2 baby does from Chloe (I don't have to be smart... I'm pretty). Zoe is the black and white doeling and Fiona is the perky brown and black doe on the cinder block. They are healthy and bouncing around like rubber balls. Apparently Carmela (Heidi's daughter) has taken a liking to them and is keeping them within earshot. What a good mama she will be!
 North Carolina has been experiencing some unusually cold weather this winter and this is the earliest that we have had babies. I made them fleece coats to wear. They love them and it keeps their little tails from freezing off.

Yes I know "A watched pot never boils"
well apparently neither does a pregnant goat. 

Mary is ready!! Hopefully in a couple of days (if my calculations are correct) we will hear the sounds of some new hoofs. 

Keeping my fingers crossed for some more does.

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